Caroline & Chris

June 4, 2022

The Couple

Caroline & Chris

After an embarrassing run-in at Innisfree in Tuscaloosa, you might be surprised that Chris agreed to go to a date party with Caroline. Luckily, that date party was a success, and they’ve been together ever since! They say, “when you know, you know.” Caroline knew immediately that Chris would be the man that she would eventually marry – they just had to get through two years dating long distance after graduating from college. During that time, there was a missed flight, a stomach virus, fun trips, and lots of tears, but they made it! Caroline and Chris are relieved to finally be in the same city again as they start this new chapter of their life. They cannot wait to celebrate their June nuptials with you in Birmingham!


Taylor Calfee


Chocolate, The Office, Bulldogs

Kelly Mayfield


Dance floor lovin’, Margarita sippin’, Texas Tech girl

Kathryn Reinhardt


Ariana Grande, Pasta, Nintendo Switch, Disney+, Baby Yoda

Claire Veazey

Avid traveler, Bravo aficionado, Lover of Whispering Angel, Golden Retriever enthusiast

Riley Brechin

Disney, Labrador Retrievers, Cycling class

Liz Swartz

Lady Gaga, Mezcal, Peanut butter cups, Opinions

Morgan Swaim

Traveling, Shopping, Chocolate

Shelby Huckaba

Taylor Swift, Reality TV, Reading


Chris Cusimano


He’s the living, breathing Magic 8-Ball. Have a question? He has the answer.

Christian Cusimano


Tall, skinny, and ready to party.

Brooks Sexton

Party trick: ability to vanish into thin air.

Don’t worry he’ll show up later.

Phillip Dawson

Fix it, Phil!

We are all seriously lucky to have him as part of our family.

Josh Brechin

Most likely to tell the band to play “Freebird” but play it himself.

Michael Baker

Bourbon drinker, brewer, and all things in between.

Ry Esdale

Amateur DJ.

Keep calm and AUX on, Ry.

Grady Bailey

Bear Grylls understudy.


  • Ceremony

    St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church

    June 4
    6:30 pm

  • Reception

    The Club

    June 4
    7:30 pm


We appreciate you coming from far and wide to be with us this summer. Your attendance is as good a gift as any.

Birmingham, Alabama

“It’s Nice to Have You in Birmingham”



Automatic Seafood and Oysters

2824 5th Ave S
Birmingham, AL

Did you ever think Caroline would love a seafood restaurant? Well, neither did she. If you want to be surprised or just love seafood like Chris, make reservations at Automatic. The restaurant is classic but chic just like the food. Order the fish and chips!! You will not be disappointed!



721 Broadway Street
Birmingham, AL

A favorite of all those who call Birmingham home! Seriously! If you were to ask for a restaurant recommendation from someone, they’d more than likely tell you to visit Gianmarco’s. This is one of the best places for authentic Italian cuisine, and that’s coming from Chris who’s Italian. Call (205) 871-9622 for reservations. Gianmarco’s is typically booked 1-2 weeks in advance.


Soho Social

1830 29th Ave S #160
Homewood, AL

Caroline and Chris first visited here after she saw their giant pretzel and queso on Instagram. The pretzel/queso combo lived up to the hype, and they’ve been back many times since. If you’re looking for twists on American classics, Soho Social is the place to go. It’s just around the corner from The Valley Hotel!



2306 2nd Avenue N
Birmingham, AL

We love this place! EastWest is located on one of the best streets downtown and offers an Asian fusion menu. If you only order one thing, order the West Wings. Chris and Caroline talk about them all the time.


Trattoria Zaza

207A 20th Street N
Birmingham, AL

Caroline loves brunch. Why? Because who wouldn’t want to drink a mimosa and eat a pizza or french toast at 11 AM. Brunch gives you options, and Caroline loves options when she eats. What better way to wrap up your weekend in Birmingham than eating Italian inspired brunch? This entire menu is not to be missed!


More Options

Various Locations
Birmingham, AL

Hero Doughnuts, Saw’s Juke Joint, Bricktops, Big Bad Breakfast, Taco Mama, The Essential, Sol y Luna, Char Bar No. 7, Little Donkey, Five, Post Office Pies, Bettola, Bamboo on 2nd, El Barrio, Le Fresca, Big Spoon Creamery, Brick & Tin, Soho Standard, Tostadas, Edgar’s Bakery, Maple Street Biscuit Company, Bottega, Chez Fonfun, Continental Bakery, Ashley Mac’s, Nabeel’s


The Valley Hotel
The Valley Hotel

2727 18th Street South
Homewood, AL 35209


$229 per night


1.8 miles from The Club


Reference Reinhardt-Cusimano Wedding Block

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